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Kashvi power & Steels private limited or the company is primarily engaged in export of iron ore fines & other minerals since last 15 months in Orissa. Purchase of materials is made against 100 % advance to minors. Prior to selection of material, a thorough analysis report is made by authorized material testing laboratories. On obtaining the report, the buyer applies for permission to Deputy Director Mines of respective places for effecting transportation of material. 

Transporters against payment of 90-95 % advance lift materials. The balance payment is made after receiving the final analysis report from unloading points and submission of bills to that respect.

Any material lost in transit or for any pilferage beyond a grace of 1 % of the total quantity of material is borne by the transporters. The company has made their presence in various places starting from state capital Bhubaneswar to joda, barbil, paradip to carry out smooth logistics in a structured manner. The directors are well experienced in the line of mining activity as they are associated with the following group for procurement iron ore products exclusively for export. Purchase of materials is made against 100 % advance to miners.

Mode of Operation- First a contract has to be made between the Buyer and the seller.  The contract must include the periodicity of validity, Grade of the Ore, Quantity of the material with moisture estimation and the probable exchange rate of a future transaction. It will also include the liability on the part of the seller out of demurrages and delay in port clearance. On the other hand it is the absolute responsibility in the part of the seller for fast clearance of the goods at the port.

The Seller starts for the procurement of the material of the desired Grade by mixing various grades of iron ore fines available at various places in Orissa. The next course of action is explained below. They will transport the Goods to the stockyard and from the stockyard to the designated stevedore agents available at the portside i.e., jetty who will handle through mechanized equipments and take care of cargoes for loaded to the Ship. The cycle of procurement and transportation from miner’s point to dockyard varies from 15 to 25 days. The stevedore agents generally takes 5 to 10 days for transporting the material from dockyard to ship depending upon the size of the ship and quantity of shipment.
Before transporting of the material to the cargo vessel / ship, the seller should insist for a confirmed LC’s, which explains clearly the documents to be enclosed while shipping the goods. Generally to receive the payments from the Buyers it takes around 15 to 30 days from the date of dispatch of the goods from the port, as it is usance or sight in nature.

The key members of Board of directors are well networked and in constant touch with the latest development at the market place. The directors of the company are in touch with the needs of the primary key players of Indian Ore (Spot Buyers) and whenever a commercial opportunity comes to the picture, they always come first to negotiate and sign a contract and create an execution mandate for the company. Some of the Key International Buyers of Indian iron Ore operating from Paradeep Region are given below.


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